Monday, June 24, 2013

And now, for my next trick...

Graduation is over, but the party hasn't started yet. I mean, lots of celebrations going on, of course. But OUR party isn't until Saturday. And a blowout it shall be...

One of the benefits of throwing your own party is that you get to make food that you actually LIKE and aren't allergic to - a huge plus in my book! On the menu we have meatball subs, pulled pork sandwiches, macaroni and cheese (all homemade of course)... And of course, the requisite cakes and goodies. The cakes are the only thing I'm not making.

I may be crazy but I'm not stupid :)

Unfortunately we're scheduled for thunderstorms on Saturday, so the trick will be to house all those people INDOORs.

In, out, doesn't really matter to me. I love all the friends and family that are invited and coming from out of town, and it will be great to spend time together eating, drinking and being...well, merry :) It will be the first time our whole family has been together in a number of months, so it's pretty exciting for me!

There are a lot of you that I wish could be sharing the day with us, but proximity just won't allow for it. You know who you are...

Once the grad party is over, it's off and running on my next project. Truly and Finn are "finn-ished" (for now) and spending time with my agent, so I have to decide what to pursue next.

1. The next book in the Truly and Finn series?

2. A sequel to Letters From The Ledge?

3. LFTL Screenplay?

4. There's even another complete novel I wrote before LFTL that's been waiting patiently for my attention...

5. Or something completely different. I have other ideas - a lot of other ideas, actually.

Let's hear from readers? Thoughts? Votes?