Wednesday, June 19, 2013

They Fly...

For graduates, and all those standing at the crossroads to their destiny...

   photo credit: Noah Meyers

They Fly...

It is nearly midsummer.
The trees are in leaf.
The turnover begins.
They're halfway there.

        Some are moving on.
        Others must carry the torches yet another mile.
        Or two.
        Onward they march.
        Together, then separate.
        Each to be claimed by their destinies.

The unknown beckons.
Out of their reverie.
It must take them, but willingly.
Fear will not keep them safe.
But merely bind them to another fate.
And so they stand. Hands together.
As the last of the summer sun
Dips below the horizon.

        Life gives birth to life.
        Fear, to more fear.

They stand at the edge and take in the view.
Toes curl. Hands drop.
The brave will not fall.
But leap, with arms outstretched.

        They jump.
        They fly...

                                 - by Lynda Meyers