Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Ultimate Book Club

Letters From The Ledge was the featured book at a local book club recently, and I had the privilege of attending. I was asked to lead the discussion, which was such a treat for me! I got to ask readers questions and hear their questions in return. I learned about what worked well in the book and what could have made it even stronger. It was such an honor for me...

And get this - the food was all themed for the book!

  • We started the evening with Appletinis, in honor of the apple scent that only Brendan could smell
  • We also had brownies, in honor of ... well, Brendan's affinity for getting high.
  • There was an assortment of cheeses, including smoked gouda (see above), Swiss cheese (in honor of Switzerland) and blue cheese (in honor of bruises)
  • Due to the inability to import Shack Burgers, they served mini meat sandwiches instead!
  • For dessert there was Angel Food Cake (a small nod to the angelic bouncers)
This is not an easy book to do food for, so kudos to the two women who came up with that lineup!

In all seriousness, we talked about so many things it's hard to recount! Many of the issues raised in the book had sparked thoughts and questions in them, and it was great having such thoughtful insights into the characters themselves, as well as the plot structure and interactions between them. 

I am always happy to be a part of discussions, and if any of you are considering doing LFTL for your next book club meeting, why not Skype me in? It doesn't cost a thing, and it's a fun way to be able to ask the author questions directly. If you're interested, email me directly at: authorlyndameyers (at) gmail (dot) com.

Also, if anyone has any questions about the book, plot or characters they'd like answered, post your questions in the comments section below and I'll answer them in future blog posts!

Happy Reading!!