Friday, September 13, 2013

West Coast Living

Greetings from the left coast (of the US)! Lately I've been realizing I feel more at home here, in this place, than I ever have anywhere else, and that's saying something, since I was born and raised in New York and I've lived all over the world.

Home is both where you lay your hat and where you lay your heart. My heart is somewhat pieced together because those that I love are scattered all around this world. Still, on the whole, the place I personally feel most settled, most at home, and most "me" is here. Right where I am. This is a good feeling to have. It's been a long journey.

When I was a teenager and we first got cable I watched HBO all summer long. It was just a couple of years after the eruption of Mt. St. Helens, and I remember watching a movie made about the ordeal that was set, of course, in Washington and other states in the Pacific Northwest. I remember falling immediately in love with the scenery and something about it drew my heart. I knew I wanted to live in the Pacific Northwest some day. Something in my heart knew I belonged here.

I told a friend recently that coming back to the west coast reminds me of the passion for freedom and adventure that settled this area of the country. These states still have huge areas that remain unsettled and untamed. They are still "wild" and free.

There are other things I love about where I live - rodeo, big sky, lots of sunshine, and a natural focus on healthy living and healthy eating. I'm walking, biking, kayaking, and even exploring hot yoga (more on that in another post!)

Once all the boxes are unpacked it will be back to writing. Finishing the screenplay for Letters From The Ledge, and probably working on the next book in the Truly and Finn series. Stay tuned - I'll keep you all posted!