Friday, November 15, 2013

New Cover Coming! (and other updates)

  • I'm in the final approval stages for a new cover design for Letters From The Ledge… I can't wait to reveal it and am super excited about it. I'm hoping by Christmas! 

  • Audio book still in the works as well. A few unavoidable delays on that, but it's coming soon!

  • NaNoWriMo is birthing a whole new genre of writing for me…I'm in over my head by 22,000 words or so, thus far, and this new book is a complete departure for me. I'm writing in a style I've never written in before. It has dual plot lines both modern and medieval, and the characters and plot are both real and imagined. It's an adventure story, a love story, a world-changing story, and a life-saving story. It is both an inner struggle and an outer battle. It is…an epic undertaking… :) More than ever, I am learning to trust myself and go to new places with my writing. But those of you who know me well know I never do anything half-way, so why not embark on an epic adventure story three months after moving cross country for the 5th time? Lol. Stay tuned!