Monday, December 16, 2013

I Hereby Resolve...

It's funny how the theoretical close of one year and the supposed beginning of another  signals some kind of lemur-like race to make promises we probably can't keep, when in reality time is perpetual and life is right now.

Yes, I'm referring to the New Year's Resolution. Regardless of the inevitable reminders to practice both global and personal reflection at the end of each year, I seldom make resolutions. 

I'm not opposed to change, or even the turning over of a new leaf, I'm just opposed to the concept of obligatory, time-stamped promises.

We've been back in the Pacific NW for several months now, and it usually takes me a few months to get my sea legs after a big move. Major life changes like moves and new jobs also make me nostalgic a bit. 

Instead of resolutions, I was considering doing a year in review but with a trip to Ireland, two graduations, a cross-country move and the loss of a beloved dog, it will probably stress most of you out just reading about it. Still, this is how my life tends to be - never a dull moment, and more varied life experiences than I could ever hope to set down in novel form. 

Resolutions don't need to be date-specific, but you do have to believe that they can be accomplished, and making a choice just because everyone else says it's a good idea seldom motivates a person for long. Change has to come from within you, because it's something you want or need in a deep, visceral way. Real change is born out of real struggle that produces real decisions that affect real lives.

If you want to stop smoking, do it today. If you want to be more fit, don't wait for the end of Christmas party season or a gym membership, find a way to be more active every single day. There are countless little changes we can make that will result in great big differences down the road. 

Life is short. Time is fleeting. Don't wait for the new year… Make it count. Make a difference. 

Make it today.