Lynda Meyers is an award-winning author whose depth and authenticity is revealed continually through her writing. She seems to blow past genres, genders and age brackets and instead delivers stories and characters that can't easily be written off.

Her ability to describe so fully the interior struggle surrounding issues like depression, rape, addiction and cutting is startling in its beauty. She takes readers deep into the hearts and minds of troubled characters but doesn't leave them there. Humor, intelligent dialogue and intense metaphor are tucked into the corners of real life and used to expertly create a portrait that stares back at you no matter where you're standing in the room.

Regarding Letters From The Ledge, editor Mick Silva remarked: "Lynda Meyers writes messed up dreamers as easily as falling off a ledge...This is a novel, but it isn't fiction. I found hope in these poignant letters of tragic beauty, and somehow felt found myself."

Letters From The Ledge is available from all major retailers, on Amazon.com, and in digital format for Kindle, Nook and iBooks. An excerpt (the first three chapters) as well as the ability to order signed copies of the book can be found at the book's website: http://www.lettersfromtheledge.com.