Where's Truly? ... And Finn

Truly showed up early in May of 2009. I wrote the first sketch of her character then, and posted it on a group blog I belonged to at the time. Some people contacted me and wanted to know if Truly was a new character in a new story. At the time I wasn't really sure. She hadn't really revealed much of herself.

Then life happened and we moved cross country twice in two years, and for almost that entire time, Truly's story remained locked in my head. Then one day she started talking again, and I started listening.

And writing.

And so many years later, NaNoWriMo once again proved a valuable ali as I not only finished Truly's story but wrote Finn into his own book as well. The combination of these two tales has created a powerful love story with no shortage of intrigue and action. Finn is amazing and yet he's flawed and beautiful...just like the rest of us. It's been a long process trying to get this story worked out just right. But I love how it's turned out, and I hope you will too! The digital release will be coming soon, followed by a print version shortly thereafter. 

If you'd like to be introduced, I can arrange a meeting. Just click here for an excerpt.