Sunday, May 26, 2013

All Things New

On Friday I basically pulled an all-nighter, volunteering at the local high school's Keep The Ball Rolling event. It's intended to give high school students a safe, fun, drug and alcohol free "after party" for Senior Ball.

I was part of a team of over 75 parent volunteers who showed up at 10 pm and stayed until roughly 4 am. Local businesses get involved donating prizes and gift certificates, including actually cool stuff like TVs, iPads, Kindles, even a 2007 Toyota Camry!

I was the resident "nurse", which effectively means I sat in the nurse's office with a jump bag and played "just in case". In reality I brought my laptop and worked on some editing while talking with the various groups of my kids' friends who wandered in. A couple of the girls and I hit up the photo booth, ate lots of candy and in general had a really fun time. I genuinely love these kids, and since we're moving this summer, it was kind of bittersweet. 

It's the end of an era - but the beginning of a new chapter. They'll all be transitioning out of high school and into the next phase of their lives. This was one last chance to be a kid again. A chance to let go and have fun and wear a three foot tall balloon animal hat. 

So many of them will be heading off to college this summer, but it's been a privilege watching them grow into themselves these last few years. I have loved being a part of this wonderful community that is so supportive of their kids. Thanks for so many great memories, and for letting us share your lives!