Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Happy Day...

Nate's here, making bacon. Jourdan just poured me some Peet's from a french press. The boys are still sleeping, as is everyone on the west coast. I don't have everyone here with me, but still - an omelet is coming my way. My kids know me.

I like mellow holidays, spent with family. Small acts of service are my love language. And there are two days a year when I don't cook: my birthday, and Mother's Day. This is not a big thing to ask, I don't think, after almost twenty-five years of marriage, four kids, thousands of meals and multiple holiday gatherings.

When the kids were little I made a big deal of birthdays and holidays. The older I've gotten, the more these occasions have been distilled for me, syphoned into their purest form. 

It's all about relationship. 

It's a different kind of Mother's Day, these days. There are no macaroni necklaces or yarn covered pencil holders (although if you've ever seen my desk I could probably use another one!) but when I think about the amazing individuals my children have become I am proud and humbled and in awe. 

I know this was not my doing. It had to have been some supernatural smiling of the universe down upon them, but they are literally my favorite people to hang out with. Not because I have to, because I'm their mother, but because they're deep and interesting and hilarious and sometimes irreverent and...well, I just dig being in their lives. 

Thanks for loving me, family. You know who you are :)

I'm the happiest mom in the world.